Opening soon, exchange office in Cadiz

Very soon we will open the doors of our new office in Cadiz, we will be very close to you, in C/Ancha N.13, local 2. You will be able to change your currencies comfortably, and at the best rates in the market.    We are in the last preparations, and next week, you can come to see our facilities and if you need to change your currencies. You will be attended by our specialised staff and you will be able to see first hand the quality of our service.

In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy the wonders of this picturesque city.

Cadiz Cathedral

Also known as the New Cathedral, its interior is laid out in the shape of a Latin cross, divided into three naves and with a pentagonal ambulatory.   The altar is elevated in height, and beneath it is the crypt, which was the first enclosure built in the cathedral. Among the chapels is the chapel of San Sebastián with the sculpture of Luisa Roldán.

This beautiful Cathedral is spectacular, and what not to say about the Clock Tower or Levante Tower is one of its great attractions, because from here there is an impressive panoramic view of the central district of El Pópulo, the Atlantic Ocean, the Campo del Sur, the promenade and the port of the city.


Santa Catarina Castle

This formidable castle is located in La Caleta, a beach located in the historic centre of the city, which juts out into the sea, thanks to some breakwaters.  You will be surprised when you visit it, it is a historical heritage site, it also has several temporary exhibition rooms, pedagogical workshops for students, as well as artistic and craft workshops. In summer, concerts are organised in the Castle’s main square.




Genoese Park


This beautiful and immense park is the ideal place to enjoy a pleasant stroll. It has an extension of 29,000 m2 and is located in the old part of the city, next to the historical centre. It has a diversity of more than 100 species of trees and bushes from different continents, which is why today it has become a botanical garden.




Gadir Archaeological Site

The Gadir archaeological site is a pleasant surprise for visitors. It is located in the basement of the Teatro de Títeres in Calle San Miguel 15, formerly known as the Tía Norica.                  The remains that have been found have made it possible to date the presence of the Phoenicians in what is now Cádiz to around the 9th century BC.                                            The visit to this site, will not leave you indifferent, as the guided tour introduces visitors through a film, in the origins of the city, so they become familiar and concludes showing the archaeological findings that will leave you impressed, thanks to the explanations of expert archaeologists.


From EUROPOUND we invite you to visit us in our offices, we are at your disposal for the exchange of your currency, at the BEST RATES, of the city. You can also book in advance and get ready to enjoy your holiday or business trip.

Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.