Saints bones on sale in San Javier

The mercadillo de Todos los Santos celebrates all Saints day with tradicional produce.

The Plaza de España in San Javier is holding a mini market between Thursday and Saturday, selling the products associated with the celebrations of all saints. One of the most poplar is “huesos de Santo” or saints bones, a marzipan based sweet designed to llok like a fat bone marrow inside a bone, buñuelos, or little puffs of wind, a doughnutty tupe of sweet cake, and pan de higo, sweet figs compressed into a heathier type of sticky sweet than the other eaqually calorific options.You need to exchange some money? We welcome you at our money exchange office in San Fulgencio – Urb. La Marina Smart San Fulgencio calle Alfredo Kraus and  in Ciudad Quesada, Avda. de las Naciones, 44